Monthly bulletin of the civic institute

The monthly bulletin is a periodical published by the Civic Institute and distributed free of charge to all subscribers. The primary goal of the bulletin is to make remarkable texts by conservative thinkers and writers, published in foreign media, accessible in translation to a general Czech audience. Occasionally, the original language of a text chosen for the monthly CI Bulletin is Czech. The complete list of titles is available at this page.

A selection of titles translated into Czech:

  • POVOLENÍ, ZÁKAZ, PRESUMPCE a translation of Permission, Prohibition, Presumption: Three P´s in Political Philosophy by Anthony de Jasay (The Salisbury Review, Vol. 22, No. 2, Winter 2003, s. 19-21) October 2005.
  • ORTEGOVA „VZPOURA“ A PROBLÉM VLÁDY DAVU a translation of Ortega y Gasset’s „Revolt“ and the Problem of Mass Rule by Robert Statham, Jr., (Modern Age, Vol. 46, No. 3, s. 219-226) September 2005.
  • ŠVÉDSKO A DEBAKL EVROPSKÉ RODINNÉ POLITIKY a translation of a lecture, entitled Sweden and the Fall of European Family Policy, delivered by Allan C. Carlson of the Howard Institute (Rockford, Illinois) in the Czech Senate, April 27, 2005
  • EVROPA V KRIZI KULTUR a translation of a lecture, entitled Europe in a Culture Crisis, delivered by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, current Pope Benedict XVI, in Subiak, July 2005
  • ISLAMIZACE EVROPY a translation of an article, Islamisation of Europe, by David Pryce-Jones (Commentary, Vol. 118, No. 5, December 2004) June 2005
  • ARGUMENTY PROTI OSN a translation of an article, The Case Against the UN, by Joshua Muravchic (Commentary, Vol. 118, No. 4, November 2004, s. 36-42) March, 2005
  • KATEDRÁLA A KRYCHLE a translation of an article, The Cathedral and the Cube. Reflections on European Morale, by George Weigel (Commentary, Vol. 117, No. 6, June 2004 s. 33-38) February 2005
  • DEMOGRAFICKA IMPLOZE a translation of a lecture, entitled Population Implosion, by Anne-Marie Libert,University of Louvan, delivered at Civic Institute, March, 2004
  • SVOBODA A AUTORITA: ROZHOVOR BURKE – SARTRE a translation of an article, Freedom and Authority: Burke and Sartre in Dialogue, by Joseph Pappin III (Modern Age, Spring 2003 s. 154-164) October 2004.

Original Czech and Slovak texts:

Every issue also includes brief information about the activities of the Institute during the past month and invitations to upcoming events.